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Glacier Bay, Alaska. Whales and icebergs.. nice as concepts, scary in reality..

Sibling Mania!

(That's part of our Maneki Neko collection..)

3.6.3 I think I might be the worst photographer in the world.. James is getting into cameras (Lomo ones mainly.. we have a Holga and a Fed 5 on the way..) and all I can think is that the type of camera won't change how lousy I am.. I have a habit of breaking cameras, too.  My last camera, a little Nikon that I paid way too much for because I bought it in Times Square, lasted six months, until I dropped it into Glacier Bay.  Nikon said that seaweed wasn't covered under warranty.. Sigh.. I still have my first camera though.. A generic boxy Canon with the battery door taped shut.  I got it for my eighth grade trip to Washington, D.C. and I remember being astonished at the photos that I took.  It was so empowering. The world just seemed to open up.. (That's Helen and the Capital building; Helen and Patricia outside Mount Vernon..)

Now however.. I can't seem to find anything to take a picture of.. and whole rolls of film seem to fill themselves with inanities.. Here's some from a roll I got developed today although they were taken when I lived in New York.. (Me sleeping; Roommate Justina making fun of people taking pictures in Central Park; Blurry street corner; James' arm)

Last night around 10, I went for a walk to try and find content but alas came back empty handed.. (Obligatory head shot; Brick wall; From me on my back starring at the sky; My feet; The view from our apartments; My chest)