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12.4.3: We adopted a cat named Simon today.  He seems sad and scared still, although he is twice the size of our largest cat.  He came with all sorts of caveats including that he eats plastic, gets constipated, bites his back nails, and gets raging urinary tract infections but, boy is he soft!

17.9.3: Simon's gone to a better place.  No he's not dead.  He lives with Andrew and Faith now because they don't have other little darlings to beat him up and make him lay down in his kitty box (I'm looking at you Neko and Hime).  Funny thing is, the same night we de-adopted him, we adopted a newbie.  Miyamoto.  Commonly called Stiffy.  Slightly abused, sack of potatoes (thus the name Stiffy).  He sure knows how to snuggle though.

Our cats the week of 23 May 3..

Neko Hime Simon


Below: Neko partly obscured by Hime but Neko nonetheless..